Ceiling MIC System


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Product description

Key Features
  • 100 Hz to 16 kHz Frequency Response
  • Eliminate Table Clutter
  • Full 360° Pickup Coverage
  • Supports up to 100' via Cat 5 Cable
  • Silicone Split Strain-Relief Boot
  • 3' Adjustable Cat 5 Drop Cable
  • CeilingMIC Interface Box
  • Cable Clamp Grommet
  • Two Ceiling Trim Ring Plates
  • Ceiling Tile Brace

The  CeilingMIC Microphone from Vaddio is a ceiling-mounted microphone with a frequency response of 100 Hz to 16 kHz. It is designed to eliminate table clutter and provides a full 360° pickup coverage. This microphone supports up to 100' cable distance from the interface box to the connected device via Cat 5 cable and a drop-down cable length of up to 15'. A silicone split strain relief boot, a 3' Cat 5 cable, a CeilingMIC interface box, a cable clamp grommet, two ceiling trim ring plates with mounting screws, and a ceiling tile brace are included.

Creates a clean look in your conference room or meeting space
Works with Vaddio products designed with an EasyMIC port (AV Bridge MATRIX PRO, ConferenceSHOT AV cameras, EasyUSB MicPOD I/O, EasyUSB Mixer/Amp)
Three-element array head with LED mute status indicator
Each unidirectional cardioid microphone element is equipped with integrated echo cancellation and Digital Signal Processing (DSP), including equalization, filtering, and automatic gain control (AGC)
Supports both referenced and non-referenced AEC
For drop-tile ceilings and open-ceiling environments
Plug-and-play design
New design for simplicity and ease of connection
Two-piece trim plate design can be installed after the rest of the installation is complete
Cloth-wrapped microphone body design with improved geometry for better audio pickup
Split strain-relief boot with easy access to the cable connector in the microphone body for quick installation and easy substitution of custom drop-down cable

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