AVU GPP - Protection Plan

Guaranteed Protection Plan


• 5 Year Protection

• 100% Parts & Labour

• NO Hidden Fees

• Canada Wide Service

• VIP’s Members Save 20%

We are proud to offer a full FIVE years of Guaranteed Protection for your electronics.

We want to ensure your products continue to perform as they did on day one.

We will provide complete support for up to 5 years from the date of purchase.

The coverage is transferable (at no charge) to the new owner; adding resale value to your equipment.

Ask your local representative how a Guaranteed Protection Plan can be tailored for you!

VIP Club members save 20% on all GPP coverage!


Full Terms & Conditions

Along with the wording of the manufacturer’s warranty, the following conditions apply:

1. Guaranteed Protection Plan is administrated by Glaswegian Enterprises Inc. (GEI)

2. Provided Sight & Sound AVU performed the installation of product covered by this plan, the removal and reinstallation of a unit during coverage requiring repair will be performed at no charge. GPP must be purchased within 30 days of product purchase date.

3. This plan is transferable free of charge, provided the product is in good working order, to a subsequent owner. No inspection is required provided no modifications have been made.

4. Loss of this certificate does not result in loss of coverage. Terms and conditions are subject to change so please refer to www.avu.ca for the most up to date version.

5. This plan is for carry-in services, except where in home service is provided under the manufacturer’s warranty. In home service provided under this plan will mirror the manufacturer’s coverage within 100 km (Round Trip) of the authorized service centre’s place of business. Customers are responsible to pay any travel costs or product shipping beyond 100 km (Round Trip).

6. This plan does not replicate any over-the-counter-exchange provided during the manufacturer’s warranty period.

7. This plan covers normal wear and tear but does not cover physical abuse, water damage or foreign objects found inside the equipment. 

8. The plan owner releases Glaswegian from all liability due to damage to the unit, replacement of the unit or injury to any person that is not due to the fault or negligence of Glaswegian.

9. The plan owner further understands that Glaswegian is not responsible for any consequential damages or losses related to their inability to make necessary repairs.

10. Items that are consumable, such as batteries are not covered under this plan. Projection Bulbs are covered for one additional year after the manufacturer’s coverage of the bulb expires (maximum bulb coverage 2 years total). This plan only covers items on original invoice.

11. Coverage for commercial applications is not available.

12. If no defect is found or the repairs are denied by Glaswegian due to an unwarrantable item, the plan owner is responsible for all costs incurred.

13. If the item covered under this plan is replaced by Glaswegian, all obligations of this plan will have been fulfilled for that particular item. Replacement product is eligible for protection under a newly purchased GPP.

14. Replacements will be based on current technology not original cost, or series model i.e. OLED. If the same technology or size is unavailable or cost prohibitive, GEI determined market value will be provided as a credit to the customer.

15. Maximum liability of the plan shall not exceed the purchase price of the original equipment. Each individual breakdown, failure or damage shall be adjusted on a replacement cost basis.

16. Glaswegian Enterprises Inc. cannot be held responsible should the original manufacturer cease operation and/or the parts become unavailable. Sole liability lies only in refunding the fee paid for this plan.

17. Glaswegian Enterprises Inc. does not cover burn in or image retention on televisions under extended warranty.

18. GPP does not cover used product or product purchased 180 days after manufacturer discontinues model. In the event you buy a GPP plan under these circumstances, our liability is only to refund the original purchase price of the plan. 

19. Set-up, delivery and/or adjustments are not covered.

20. All coverage periods are inclusive of manufacturer warranty periods. Claims during manufacturer coverage will be handled by the manufacturer.

21. All software including reprogramming of remotes is not covered by this plan.

22. Any alterations to programming, settings or alterations to the system are not covered under this plan and the owner does so at their own risk.

23. Unauthorized repairs or modifications may void this agreement. You must provide the care and maintenance recommended by the manufacturer’s warranty