SBP 3000 SERIES IP POE Digital Clocks


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Product description

Sapling’s new SBP 3000 Series is the embodiment of reliability and innovation. Operating on Power over Ethernet (PoE), the digital clocks receive data and power through a standard CAT5 cable, so there is no need for any additional outlets. In addition, the clocks receive time from an (S)NTP server for accurate timekeeping and eliminates the need for a master clock. Along with that, each clock has its own built-in web interface which allows you to update the clock’s settings from anywhere with an Internet connection. Here, you will be able to configure the DST settings, 12 or 24-hour display format, and even create a brightness schedule for all the digital clocks within the system.

The SBP 3000 series also includes Elapsed Timer capabilities, which can be beneficial to a variety of industries. With Sapling’s Elapsed Timer, you can program the timer to conduct a count-up or countdown, and so much more. See below for additional features of the SBP 3000 Series.

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