SBD 3000 SERIES 2-Wire Digital Clock


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SBD 3000 Series
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Product description

The new SBD 3000 Series takes our Wired Clock System to the next level. Broken up into three different series (3100, 3200 and 3300), Sapling’s SBD 3000 Series can seamlessly integrate with the infrastructure of any type of facility, no matter the industry.

Offered in 24V and 115V, Sapling’s SBD 3000 Series contains many features such as 12 or 24 hour display format, multiple brightness levels and automatic updates for Daylight Saving Time. Along with those features, the SBD 3000 Series digital clocks have the capability of conducting a count up or countdown with our Elapsed Timer and can be programmed through Sapling’s easy-to-use SBDconfig software program – giving you total control.


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