P360DOCK Power360 6 outlet w/ 2 USB Surge Protector


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Product description

Space-saving surge protector with built-in USB charging

Guard your gear in tight spaces

Protect your electronics from harmful surges and spikes, even in places where power strips just won't fit. The Panamax Power360 P360-Dock sits over your AC wall outlet and safely provides power for six components. You also get two protected USB charging ports. While you charge your phone or tablet, you can rest the device on top of the P360-Dock in a convenient cradle. 

Two layers of dependable protection

When a catastrophic power spike hits, like from a lightning strike, the P360-Dock's Protect or Disconnect™ circuitry reacts in less than a nanosecond, instantly switching off power to your equipment. Then it automatically resets itself when voltage returns to normal. Panamax's SmartGuard feature provides similar protection when under-voltage (brownout) or over-voltage conditions exist. Again, power to your gear is automatically disconnected until voltage returns to safe levels.

Monitor your protection level

Keep an eye on the status of your protection, wiring, and voltage with Panamax's Circle of Protection™ LED indicator. This multi-color display on the front of the P360-Dock provides easy-to-interpret essential information. You get a real time report you can read at a glance.

Product highlights:

  • 6 protected AC power outlets
  • two USB charging ports with a total capacity of 2.1 amps for charging two phones simultaneously or one tablet
  • space-saving design plugs directly into a standard AC outlet
  • Protect or Disconnect™ circuitry disconnects AC power to equipment in the event of a catastrophic surge or spike
  • SmartGuard technology offers active over/under voltage monitoring
  • Circle Of Protection LED display lets you easily monitor protection, wiring, and voltage status
  • charging cradle to hold your phone or tablet while charging
  • 1080-joule protection
  • maximum current rating: 15 amps
  • warranty: lifetime
  • lifetime $75,000 connected equipment warranty (covers equipment damaged by an AC or signal line surge while connected to properly installed Panamax surge protector); valid only in the United States and Canada)

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