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Product description

The On-Stage UTC1100 Compact Utility Cart is only 11.5" wide and extends from 26 to 38.5" in length. In this compact yet versatile design, it supports up to 330 lb loads.

The front casters are lockable, so if at any point along your trip you want to stop or rest, especially when going up an incline path, you can push the locks down with your foot. Similarly, the vertical handles can also be collapsed by pushing down with your foot on the metal bar on the bottom of each.

With the handles folded down, the cart easily fits into storage spaces. But it can just as easily be put in less common spaces between trips. This is in part thanks to the narrow frame. This narrow design also allows for easier passage through doorways. With 330 lb loaded, and with the ability to fit through tight spaces, you may be able to conveniently transport everything in one trip.

The heavy-duty frame of the cart features nonslip materials at key contact points and offers eyelets for hooks and straps at all the right locations. So even many unevenly-shaped equipment can be secured.

None of the four wheels have air in them so there's no concern of getting a flat. The front casters are 3" and offer 360° rotation for easy steering, and the rear wheels are 6" and are textured to provide a good grip.

Key Features
  • 11.5" wide — narrow design easily fits through doorways
  • Extends from 26 to 38.5" in length
  • 330 lb load capacity
  • Lockable 3" front casters
  • 6" rear wheels
  • Vertical handles collapsible by foot press
  • Heavy-duty frame with nonslip key contact points
  • Eyelets for hooks and straps

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