Student pass-around mic Kit for Juno/Pro D/ Smart ICR


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Support participation and audibility of discussions with Juno's student mic. Use up to five mics simultaneously for smooth participation and natural discussions, or expand beyond five mics thanks to the unique slider/push-to-talk button. Easy to hold, even for small hands, this mic ships with a convenient lavaliere/hands-free option to make student stand-up presentations easier and more comfortable. Digitally programmable and nameable for identification on the Juno tower LCD.

  • Amazing sound quality

    Superb pick up and audio quality thanks to a high-isolation microphone suspension, broad frequency response, and low-distortion direct digital synthesis.

  • 360˚ emitter diodes

    Lets students hold the Pass-Around Microphone the way it's most comfortable for them without worry of dropout.

  • Small and lightweight

    At less than 15cm/6in tall and just 2.5 oz, the microphone is much easier for students to use.

  • Name plate

    For adding a name or room number for easy identification.

  • Charging/programming jack

    For charging via USB cable or for configuring settings.

  • Portable audio interface

    3.5mm audio input jack for wireless transmission from any secondary audio source such as a computer or MP3 player.

  • Comfortable hands free option

    Easy, comfortable lavaliere clip makes reading in front of class simple and lets the Pass-Around Microphone double as a lightweight teacher microphone.

  • Adjustable power

    Factory set to achieve complete coverage in a typical classroom with many hours of talk time. Increase talk time or expand coverage for very large rooms with a quick software adjustment.

  • Programmable channels

    Program the switch positions to 2 of 7 available channels.

  • Digital naming

    Assign custom names to microphones for easy identification on the Tower LCD or in the optional FrontRow Desktop Software.

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