Teacher Pendant mic Kit for Juno/Pro D/ Smart ICR


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The FrontRow teacher classroom wireless mic is delightfully simple - it does more with just one button than other classroom wireless mics do with six! The Smart Button enables voice commands to control the system and initiate automated lesson capture with the Smart Receiver. The Smart Button can also be configured as a trigger button - press and hold to turn on projector or to start and stop lesson capture. It's the mic you never need to turn off - it just goes to sleep when not in use. Because it uses a longer-lasting lithium battery, it's also lighter and more comfortable. Best of all, it sounds much better than other mics thanks to superior element suspension, better frequency response, and low-distortion digital synthesis. Now with FrontRow's exclusive IR G3 technology, the ITM-02 teacher microphone is more powerful than ever with amazing room coverage so teachers are sure to be heard no matter where they are in the classroom.

  • Amazing sound quality

    Superb pick up and audio quality thanks to a high-isolation microphone suspension, broad frequency response, and low-distortion direct digital synthesis.

  • Amazing room coverage

    With FrontRow's exclusive IR G3 technology the ITM-02 is more efficient and powerful so you are sure to be heard no matter where you are in the classroom.

  • Smart Button

    Controls all of the features of the Pendant Microphone. Use with voice command to activate the lesson capture software and control your system or even projectors and other devices. Or use the button as trigger to activate an event programmed in the Smart Receiver - press and hold to turn on a projector, press and hold again to turn it off.

  • Superior comfort

    Lightweight with soft backing that provides comfort and reduces friction noise from contact with clothing, buttons or jewelry. Ergonomic lanyard suspension points keep the mic stable and help keep it from swinging away from the body when leaning over to help a student.

  • Portable audio interface

    3.5mm audio input jack for wireless transmission from any secondary audio source such as a computer or MP3 player.

  • Programmable channels

    Program the switch positions to 2 of 7 available channels.

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