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Every year around the world we create a waste mountain of 40 billion disposable batteries. Panasonic has provided an answer to this with the development of Eneloop batteries. This rechargeable battery comes with the latest technology and has a smart design. These batteries are essential to daily life.

Eneloop, the environmentally friendly rechargeable battery

The Eneloop has been developed with the sustainability concept and care for the environment in mind. The batteries are fully charged when you purchase them and can also be recharged up to 2,100 times. Our batteries also lose their charge slowly, which means that they can be used for longer than standard alkaline batteries. Furthermore, they still retain 70% of their original capacity after 5 years.


The cost of this type of battery is higher but this is quickly recouped as these batteries lose their charge more slowly and can be recharged more quickly and more times than standard batteries. This means that you make savings when you buy these batteries over the long term.

Essential at home

In addition to their modern and stylish design, the technology of the eneloop is essential to all aspects of life, Eneloop is essential at home, in various devises such as remote controls, cordless telephones or toys and also at work. Our Eneloop batteries are extremely well-suited for use with wireless keyboards, cameras and many other devices.


  • Can be recharged up to 2100 times and economical
  • Ready for use even after 10 years on the shelf
  • More powerful than other dry charge batteries
  • Japanese design and technology
  • Precharged and ready for use
  • Give better yield at extreme temperatures

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