UPS Systems Extended Battery Module - 36 VDC / 60 A


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The BP36V60ART2U Extended Battery Module Extended Battery Module from CyberPower will extend the battery life of select models of their Smart App Online UPS systems during power outages. This battery module features a hot-swappable and user-replaceable battery pack consisting of six 12V/9Ah sealed lead-acid cells with a typical recharge time of 4 hours from 0 to 90%. Thanks to a 2 RU form factor, this module can be installed in a rack or tower configuration to match the form factor of the UPS it is supporting. It also has a built-in battery charger, providing Fast Charge Technology to quickly restore the backup power supply to full capacity. Additionally, up to ten EBMs can be added to the UPS, and the module's DC plug-and-play power connectors allow for daisy-chaining additional EBMs to a UPS system.

OL1000RTXL2U Smart App Online UPS Series
OL1000RTXL2UN Smart App Online UPS Series
OL1500RTXL2U Smart App Online UPS Series
OL1500RTXL2UN Smart App Online UPS Series
General Features
Extended Battery Module
Expands runtime and quickly restores full backup power with Fast Charge Technology.
Hot-Swappable Batteries
Can be replaced without powering down vital equipment.
Fast Charge Technology
Uses a built-in battery charger in each EBM for quick charging, regardless of the number of EBMs attached to a UPS.
Smart Battery Management
Uses a three-cycle charging mode that improves battery life and reduces generated heat.
Plug-and-Play DC Connectors
Allow for daisy-chaining additional EBMs to a UPS system.
User-Replaceable DC Fuses
Are located behind an easy-access panel.
Resettable AC Circuit Breaker
Resets the UPS swiftly in case of an overload.
Rack/Tower Configuration
Allows for horizontal rack or vertical tower installation.
Limited 3-Year Warranty
Covers defects in materials and workmanship in the product under normal use and conditions within three years of the purchase date.

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