Uhf Wireless Lapel Mic System


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Product description

Amazing Shure Wireless Lav System!

The Shure SLX14/93 combines an SLX1 bodypack transmitter and WL93 lavalier microphone with a Shure SLX4 diversity receiver. Great for installed sound applications and working bands, this Shure SLX wireless system offers up Shure's patented Audio Reference Companding technology along with a setup complete with automatic synchronization and support for up to 20 compatible systems (area dependent). The WL93 is an omnidirectional lavalier mic. At Sweetwater, we enjoy the easy setup provided by automatic frequency scanning and transmitter setup with the SLX14/93.


Clear transmissions

The SLX sound featured with the SLX14/93 is founded on Shure's patented Audio Reference Companding, a technology which brings more transmission clarity and dynamic range to wireless systems. Unlike traditional wireless companding schemes that are restricted by a fixed compression ratio, this technology utilizes a variable compression ratio. The result is the elimination of wireless artifacts during quiet passages and superior dynamic range.

Simple setup

On an operational level, the SLX14/93 system's SLX4 receiver employs features that make setup almost effortless. Utilizing auto frequency selection and auto transmitter setup, the SLX system scans the wireless landscape and identifies a clear channel instantly. Then, guided by an infrared link, at the touch of a button, the transmitter automatically syncs with the receiver. With over 960 operating frequencies across 24MHz of UHF bandwidth, you should be able to quickly and easily set up up to 20 systems in a given location (area dependent).

SLX1 and WL93 allow for hands-free vocal performance

The Shure WL93 is a lavalier electret condenser microphone designed for use with a bodypack wireless transmitter like the SLX1. Omnidirectional, the WL93 is ideal for general speech applications where discreet microphone placement is desirable.

SLX4 diversity receiver

The SLX14/93's SLX4 is a rugged metal wireless receiver that employs diversity technology to improve reception and minimize dropouts. The SLX4 is outfitted with rackmount hardware, detachable 1/4-wave antennas, a backlit LCD display, 1/4" and XLR output connectors, frequency and power lockouts, an in-line power supply, and a rear-panel volume control. Finally, the multifunction LCD displays group, channel, frequency, transmitter battery strength, and locked/unlocked status.



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