Pico Macom TSMS-2150X-16A 16 Port Rack-Mounted Satellite Multi-switch

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Pico Macom's TSMS-2150X Series rack-mounted satellite multi-switches can be used in every SMATV application requiring satellite 950-2150MHz IF easy mount enclosure and all rear panel connections provide for rack mounting or quick and easy wall mounting by simply turning the unit face to the wall. The TSMS-2150X-16A allows 2 LNB inputs  and provides 16 outputs. The advanced circuit design incorporates a pin diode matrix to route any of the inputs to any of the outputs by utilizing the 13-14V Right-Circular/Vertical or 17-18V Left-Circular/Horizontal switching control supplied by the satellite receivers, thus eliminating digital artifacts that result from mechanical relay switching. To compensate for insertion loss, both versions use separate built-in amplifiers for satellite and/or VHF/UHF TSMS-2150X series, used with the external power supply, will supply power to the LNBs reducing heat build

  • Wide frequency range 950~2150MHz (TSMS-2150X-16A)
  • 3 Import simple interface design provides 2 satellite polarity inputs and 16 outputs, for quick installation (TSMS-2150X-16A)
  • PIN diode matrix reduces polarity transfer time and digital artifacts, providing consistent picture quality
  • 500 mA voltage power pass-through reduces cost by providing satellite receiver path for LNB power
  • Built-in amplifier compensates for insertion losses, reducing the need for external amplification
  • External UL approved power supply reduces heat buildup, thus increasing unit life

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