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Product description

An Entire Library of BOSS Effects in One Unit

Get an entire guitar rig and pedalboard in one unit with the BOSS ME-80 guitar multi-effects processor. Utilizing the technology from the GT-100 and BOSS's Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP) effects, the ME-80 delivers killer sounds. A COSM preamp section helps you build great amplifier tones, and eight footswitches give you access to compression, distortion, modulation, and delay effects and more. Each effects section uses dedicated knobs for each parameter, letting you dial in sounds quickly and intuitively. Harness the power of an entire store's worth of BOSS pedals with the BOSS ME-80 guitar multi-effects processor!

A ton of powerful effects in a single unit

The BOSS ME-80 isn't a one-trick pony; this unit is an entire library of effects. Distortions? Twenty-three of them. Modulation effects? Eleven of them. And the ME-80 uses some of the newest technology that BOSS has. The guitar preamp section uses the latest COSM technology found in their flagship GT-100 processor. You also get BOSS's MDP as featured in their Tera Echo and Multi Overtone pedals. There's also a built-in Phrase Loop function in the delay section with a very cool 38 seconds of record time. If you're looking for a robust, full-fledged pedalboard in a single unit, then you need to check out the BOSS ME-80 guitar multi-effects pedal.

Tweak, record, and re-amp, via USB audio interface

A USB interface lets you dig deep into the ME-80's settings to customize your sounds. Tweak your settings from your Mac or PC with the free BOSS Tone Studio software. This software makes everything from creating and editing patches to organizing presets and even downloading custom patches from top guitar pros fast and easy. The USB audio interface also lets you record directly to your favorite DAW. Just create the tones you want, plug in, and start recording. You can even record an unprocessed track while monitoring the effects sound. Then you can take the dry track and re-amp it as you tweak the effects settings to get the perfect sound. The BOSS ME-80 guitar multi-effects pedal is a great tool live or in the studio.

Great sounding, easy-to-use floor processor

BOSS understands that guitar players want access to powerful effects, but they don't want to get caught up in the menus and programming hassles of a multi-effects processor. The ME-80 puts BOSS's finest effects into a convenient floor processor with the feel of a compact pedal. Sweetwater knows that the endless scrolling through menus to find tones and settings can be a nuisance. Forget about menus and cursor buttons. Each section of the ME-80 has dedicated knobs just like an actual effects pedal. Tweaking your tone has never been easier.

BOSS ME-80 Guitar Multi-effects Pedal Features:

  • Floor-based guitar multi-effects processor with easy analog control
  • COSM preamp section derived from the flagship GT-100 processor
  • Includes BOSS's new MDP technology
  • Dedicated knobs for each parameter for easy tweaking
  • 8 footswitches and an expression pedal
  • Phrase Loop function with 38 seconds of delay time
  • BOSS Tone Studio software lets you edit and organize tones via your computer
  • Solid metal case built to withstand abuse

Review (3)

anonymous 21-11-2021 01:57

Marshall DSL40 CR , Gibson Les Paul w/ pearly gates. Not a "great" player, needed something to open up my sound. Tried plenty of the multi effects pedals from all makers but all missed something. Rented this ME 80, went back 2 days later and purchased it. Easy to use and beautiful sounds. Can now get my CHUG on....

James Anthony 21-11-2021 01:56

I hate pedals..I hate plugging things in and then they fail in the middle of a tune.Its so great when you can preset everything and then go to it when you need it.If you are fronting a band singing and playing guitar you don't need to have things go wrong.Nothing worse then a musician messing around with his pedals during a show it looks really bad.Set them up ,save them and go.I rarely change anything night to night.Its so easy to use.It saved my life at many festivals when the stage house amp was horrible and most are..You can always get your sound.All the FX are really good.I have an old ME 50 that I've used for 20 years also.Its never failed me.Check one out.

anonymous 21-11-2021 01:55

This is easy to use and I bring it to my outdoor gigs, its tough. I got an Eric Johnson tone on it and that sold me. That is a very hard tone to get, he uses a ton of effects to get that violin sound. This unit can give you that with some tweaking. It can give you really good chug metal, and great country settings. For clean acoustic or clean electric works great too. I put my drum machine into the auxillary in and connect the output to my looper. One man band, look out. Knobs beat menus. Brilliant gear

4.65 stars based on 3 reviews