Z-Wave Smart Dimmer (Red Series)


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Product description

The Inovelli LZW31-SN Red Series switch is a ZWave Plus certified in wall dimmer designed to work with ZWave certified smart hubs.  It can be used as a single switch or in a 3 way or 4 way installation.  

This dimmer can be installed with or without a neutral wire connection, although neutral wire is recommended.

This is Inovelli's deluxe series with additional features including:

  • Energy monitoring
  • RGB notification LED
  • Scene control - up to 11 scenes

The built in LED can show not only switch status but can also be used to present notifications when used with a compatible hub.  For example flash purple if the garage door is open or turn red if the alarm is armed.

A built-in auto-off timer can be used to automatically turn the switch off x minutes after it has been turned on.   Auto-off is handy for lights that tend to be forgotten.

ZWave scenes can control other Zwave devices or initiate smart hub routines with a compatible hub.  Scene triggers include double tap top, triple tap, 4 taps, 5 taps and more!

Other advanced features include the ability to adjust the LED indicator colour & intensity, ramp rate, min/max dim level, dim speed.  Invert mode (on=off and off=on).

The built-in "configuration" button can be used to set swtich features without needing to use the hub.

Red series special features like notifications and scenes are supported in Homeseer/Hometroller, SmartThings (with handler), Hubitat, Home Assistant.

For further specifications and a list of compatible hubs see here.

Note.  Advanced features work with hubs that support these features.  Neutral wire connection allows support for less than 25W load, energy monitoring.  Without a neutral connection a "dumb" switch cannot be used for 3/4 way.

Inovelli LZ31-SN Red Series ZWave Dimmer Features:


  • Technology: Z-Wave Plus, S2 Encryption, SmartStart
  • Z-Wave Chip: 500 Series
  • 3-Way, 4-Way (Multi-Switch) Compatibility: Works with a dumb (existing) on/off switch (no dimming), auxiliary switch (GE or HomeSeer), or another Inovelli smart switch (via Z-Wave Association)
  • Energy Monitoring: Monitors energy consumption
  • Z-Wave Scene Enabled: Add up to 13 Z-Wave Scenes (ie: multi-tap to trigger a scene/routine directly from the switch)
  • RGB Notifications: LED bar will notify you of certain events (ie: LED bar lights up red when front door is unlocked)
  • Disable Internal Relay: Tap 8x on the config button to disable the internal relay
  • Change Parameters Locally: Change parameters directly from the switch without the need for a Hub
  • Accessories Included: White Faceplates/Paddles and a Neutral Wire Jumper (Almond not included)


  • Neutral Wire Required:  No (but recommended)
  • Driver Type: MOSFET
  • Leading/Trailing Edge: Leading Edge
  • Max Wattage: See below -- maximum will vary based on bulb type and whether the heat sink tabs are removed or not
    • Heat Sink Tabs Not Removed: 400W Incandescent, 300W LED, 150W CFL
    • One (1) Side Heat Sink Tabs Removed:  300W Incandescent, 200W LED, 150W CFL
    • Two (2) Sides Heat Sink Tabs Removed:  200W Incandescent, 150W LED, 100W CFL
  • Min Wattage: If neutral wire is used, there is no minimum wattage required. However, if no neutral is installed, there needs to be at least 25W for the switch to work
  • Use with Fan: No
  • Power: 120V AC, 60 Hz
  • Operating Temperature: 32-104 °F (0-40 °C)
  • Signal Frequency: 908.42 MHz
  • Range: Up to 100 meters line of sight between the Wireless Controller (Hub) and the closest Z-Wave Module
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor use only.
  • Certified for use in Canada and USA

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